The Tuning Types workshop aim is to build experimental visual works, being music the main trigger for the creative process. The challenge is to interpret music as visual pieces using mainly typographical compositions. This "project-based" methodology focuses on personal musical memories, bringing an intimate meaning to the learning of the conceptual factors concerning typefaces and its applications.

The main content is given throughout visual experiments and discussions on historic aspects of the type faces, shapes, colours, textures and the dynamics of the page layout. The methodology used is "Project-based learning" and it emphasises the participants personal experiences. In this case, using their most remarkable life soundtracks to be the trigger of their creative process.

Bellow a few pieces I've designed based in this concept.

 The TOP 5 of musical posters, proposed in this workshop, was inspired by Nick Hornby novel “High Fidelity”. The main character Rob recollects his past romances portraying his memories as musical top 5's.

This workshop aims to provoke critical reflections on creative processes, the understanding of concepts presented in postmodern design and to digest historic aspects concerning the design and use of typefaces. The target group enfolds design students and professionals interested in typography and experimental creative processes.  

In june 2008 this workshop project was hold at NDesign (the National Congress of Design Students) in Manaus - Brazil.

part of the design process of "how does it feel?" a piece - inspired by new order "blue monday"

part of the design process of "how does it feel?" a piece - inspired by new order "blue monday"