RealSpend Travel2Budget

  1. Strategy

1.1. Business Objective: deliver the intelligent enterprise, in a world which our products will be better integrated, are faster and smarter with the use of AI and automation technologies.

1.2 Target Audience: managers and controllers working along with managerial finance.

1.3 Differentiators: the integration of Concur and RealSpend along with Co-Pilot means a faster completion of task. SAP could deliver that integration with its bast portfolio and ERP data. Differently from other solutions in the market. Our data visualisation in RealSpend helped managers (non-experts in finance) quickly understand if a travel approval was or not risky at that point in time. 

2. User Needs

2.1 Task flow
Receives travel request > analyses their current budget and expenses > has doubts about the request and makes questions > ask for extra budget if needed > ask for revision > approves request. 

2.2 Motivation
Commit better informed decisions on a faster pace. And if possible on the go (mobile). 

2.3 Pain Points
Too many tasks and time is limited. Tools are not integrated, which makes user check different sources of data, needing to generate several reports monthly or quarterly, not often uses access live or real data.  

3. Solution

3.1 Functionality
Provide data integration from Concur and RealSpend, easy to understand in a single chart. Forecasting tool enhancing decision making in Q1. Co-Pilot (smart assistant) prompts user with travel requests and helps faster approval via chat-bot.

3.2 Media and Context: Desktop use for most of the analysis, where complex data and drill downs are needed. As managers are busy and often on the go between meetings, a solution is to approve a travel request via mobile with SAP Co-Pilot (digital assistant).

3.3 Rewards 

Ease of use and effective data visualisation results in a better informed and faster decision making process.