Presence app Concept

This concept explored the meaning of “feeling at home” by 3 frequent travellers personas. The laces with their families and the ambiance of their homes were the focus of this solution. Personalisation enhanced by new technologies brought travellers closer to home, even when on different timezones.


The ideation frame “how might we help the business traveller feel closer to home (and their families)?” took in consideration also the technologies of wearables, internet of things and machine learning to reinvent the hotel room of the future.

Process: 1.exploration user research and synthesis (short interviews, recordings, articles); 2. Point of View: persona and storyboards; 3. Ideation: situations where persona could feel home augmented by technology; 4. Presentation: refinement of the Presence App idea, video concept and editing.  OBS: The visuals and UI design were not the main focus at this stage.