Nanda Dias

experience & strategic designer


Nanda Dias is an Expert in her field. She has been working as a product designer for 14 years, in 6 different industries on B2B and B2C context.

Last 7 years she has been working as an experience and strategic designer, in complex B2B and B2C topics. She contributed to all product stages, from discovery phase (as a design thinking coach and researcher), to tailoring user interface concepts for new technologies. Her main contributions go beyond the pixel perfect UI and design of interactions – as she enjoys leading validation sessions. And will always make sure its findings are reflected on the final product.



“Validating hypothesis (early and often) is a crucial step on my design process. Only based on experiment findings we can shape a product that will meet real user needs.”

Nanda Dias - a scientist human-centred designer.

Source: SAP Design Thinking Diagram

Source: SAP Design Thinking Diagram

“Living abroad added uncountable learnings.”


As a designer, I perceive these learning as powerful assets:

  •  being immersed in diverse cultures made me even more aware of mental models, unconscious biases and translated in a more empathetic point of view

  •  the different environments and projects I worked for (9 industries, B2C and B2B) has enriched my design expertise;

  • the challenge of evangelising User Centred design enhances my communication skills continuously;

  •  working with different companies sizes (consultancy, start-ups and enterprise) made me observe diverse needs – which today supports my strategic design skills;

  • On diverse teams, I could perceive how Agile and UX Design Sprints may find their challenges. That has been helping me to experiment and learn on team collaboration;

  • Design thinking workshops and coach camp[s] in SAP were essential to enhance my skills in managing conflict and keeping momentum;

  • As an expat, I’ve joined debates on the topic of diversity in tech. Giving more talks and workshops I perceive how the community exchange enhances our critical thinking, while adding a sense of collective empowerment

creativity boosters

  • The sea side and long walks in parks;

  • Yoga and cycling; 

  • Travelling & discovering new places;

  • Live music & DJ-ing;

  • Sketchbook[ing] & interesting talks;

  • Good food & new recipes! 



knowledge sharing

The Importance of DesignOps in Successful Products 03.2019 | UXDX BERLIN.

Diversity Impact on Innovation 12.2017 | Berlin UI/UX Designers Meetup.

Conversational AI – the trends and the evolution of UX. 04.2018 | SAP.

Agile vs Design Thinking. 10.2017 |  SAP.

Step and Play! Space as Interface in the Context of Location-Based Musical Album Apps. 10.2014. ACM Conference Audio Mostly. Aalborg, Denmark. 

Education & Certifications

Master of Science in Digital Media  |  2011 – 2013
Inter-university program at: Bremen Universität / HS Bremerhaven, HfK Bremen - Germany.

Bachelor Degree In Industrial Design – Visual Communication  |  2002 – 2007
Universidade Estácio de Sá - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Being a UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner  |  April 2019  |  Nielsen Norman Group  

Engaging Stakeholders to Build Buy-In  |  April 2019  |  Nielsen Norman Group

Measuring UX and ROI  |  November 2018  |  Nielsen Norman Group

Design Thinking coach Training  |  November 2016  |  SAP Internal Training

Designing for Change  |  IDEO U  |  November 2017

IELTS Academic - C1  |  2010, 2014  |  Cambridge University



Music and sound collages encourage me to exercise creativity exploring the auditory sense. It feels somehow liberating when I mange to rest my always attentive visual perception. I have done some experiments with field recordings, home made vocals and composed them using Ableton Live,  Audacity and some mobile apps (remix minus; DM1; iMaschine, Figure and Tabletop). Learning how to mix with vinyls has been also a fun challenge and I can also plan a gig with work team mates, on my free time. 

On a daily basis, I've been listening to my best focus mates, a.k.a mixtapes

musical skills.png